Friday, December 29, 2006

This Post Contains Dramatic Re-enactments


We have survived the holidays. My kids now have an insane amount of toys, for which we do not have enough storage. Our house looks like a bomb went off in it... our downstairs family room is crowded with gift bags and boxes of gifts that have not yet found a home elsewhere in the house. It's crazy. Actually, my mother-in-law agreed that maybe next year we should just make a list and divide it up, to control the madness.

Things are weird at work. There is one person in my wee department of three who it a liability. Additionally, my boss wants me to pass off some work to someone in a different department. Unfortunately, it is someone who is very self-important and therefore quite blind to the fact that she cannot do the work correctly (As in, claims to have done *everything* at a previous employer and therefore does not *need* any instructions). These kind of people never accept any criticism or directions either. *sigh* I have a meeting on Tuesday with the boss man about it. I'm feeling a bit petulant and do not want to give her any of my work... especially when I have to proof everything from someone else in the department already. I don't need another person to worry about.
Additionally, someone I work with had her husband die suddenly the Thursday before Christmas, so the funeral was today. I wanted to go, but nearly the whole office was going, and I had a lot to do. Plus I came in late and had to leave early for an appointment.

We got to go out to dinner tonight with some friends visiting from Arizona, which was nice. We only get to see them a couple of times a year now, since they moved down there. They really like it there though.

I have to get my eating habits back on track... I have been able to stay within my calorie limits (barely) but I've been totally burnt out on all things fruit and vegetable lately. So I've been eating too many carbs, and feeling tired and shitty. I've got to do better.

I finished reading this book this week. It was a one-day read for me... but it was a good one. It was one of those books where the blurb on the jacket was really lame, but the book itself was quite good.

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bella said...

Our Christmas experiences are very similar - minus one kid. LOL.
Happy New year to you and your family!