Thursday, November 9, 2006


Coralie came home from school with another kid's pants on, because she peed on both of her own pairs. The good news is, the teacher said that both times she did ask to go to the bathroom but just had some leakage. So at least she's doing a little better. I am still wondering if I should call her doctor...I have been worried that she had some kind of UTI, but she doesn't complain of pain when she pees, so I dunno. I don't know why all of the sudden she's waiting until the last possible second. Well, except that she's 3... and a control freak.

I haven't been sleeping much lately. This is an ongoing problem, but it has been complicated by
1. An inner-ear infection that causes dizziness every time I roll over.
2. Husband snores like a chainsaw.

Here's something funny: There is a bookstore on the other side of town that sells guided imagery CD's. I was having trouble finding time to drive over there, so I decided to order one online from Amazon, because I've always had such good service from them. Well, this time there was a delay with the shipment. By the time I receive the CD, it will have been over a month since I ordered it. When I could have driven across town and bought it. Such is the story of my life LOL.

It's taking a looong time for this ear infection to go away. I will probably call the doc next week if I'm still having symptoms. They told me two weeks, and as of Sunday it will be three weeks past.

On a more pleasand and completely unrelated note, I bought a Method air freshener at Target today (Gingerbread Spice!) and it smells really good. So, at least for awhile, the house won't smell like butt.


bella said...

Hey! The easiest way to keep up with the journal is to keep it in the kitchen with a pen handy and jot down whatever inside as you're eating or right after. It does get hard to keep up with, but it is an awesome way to keep track of how much I'm eating and where I seem to be screwing up! LOL.

haggardmom said...

I thought about that too... I do know that snacking is my biggest obstacle. I just have to keep asking myself if I'm really hungry or just bored.