Monday, November 13, 2006

That's Right! I Have a Blog!

Hoo boy, have I been off track lately. Let's see...

We discovered over the weekend that both of our skylights leak. A lot. And have probably leaked since we bought the house. Now we know why our electrical wigs out every year when the weather gets bad. The Husband discovered a large amount of water in the kitchen light fixture on Friday night. Saturday he got up on the roof and discovered that the seals have completely failed on both skylights. The gap in the skylight was particularly bad, and in addition to the space between the panes being 1/3 full of water, water was running into the attic. So the short term fix was to caulk around the gaps, cover both windows with plastic and bungee it on (so attractive). However, both windows will have to be replaced. *sigh* This, after we just spent $260 getting the brakes on the Exploder (truck) fixed.

On Saturday night, we attended the lantern walk (inspired by Martinmas, the lantern walk is something most Waldorf schools do) and a potluck at Coralie's school. Fortunately, that was the one day that it didn't rain, so the mud wasn't too bad. Then we got to sit in a hot room with a bunch of screaming kids and eat. They bring both classes together for this event, and when you get the older kids and younger kids together, it's harder for them to behave. At any rate, Coralie had a grand time.

Sappy Moment:
This afternoon Coralie was happily sharing her string cheese with her brother, who was hanging around like a little begging dog... it sounded something like this:
C- 'Here you go Keelan' (hands him a piece of cheese)
K- 'Ta-too!' (thank you)
C- 'Want more?'
K- 'Yeah!'
Repeat sequence of events LOL.

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