Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Civic Duty

Well, I have done my duty and ferried my completed, signed, and sealed ballot to the ballot receptacle at the library today.
I can't wait until the presidential election, when we can replace the current chump with a new one.

Coralie had her first 'report card'/progress report today. She is doing fairly well... she knows most of her letters, but oddly doesn't demonstrate this at school. Her teacher said it was good to know from me that she does really know them, so at least she knows that it's just obstinacy and not lack of knowledge. She still has potty issues, which have worsened at school recently (groan). She has zero interest in writing, but likes to draw people, which look like potatoes with legs. :-)
Coralie's temper tantrums have totally gone off the deep end. I'm glad we have a consultation scheduled in a couple of weeks with a family therapist. I just don't know what to do anymore, although a straitjacket is tempting...

In Other Dumbass News: While sitting at a red light today, I was behind a car with a young Hispanic couple in it. I observed the man (who was driving) reach into the back seat, pull a tiny baby out of it's car seat, and hand it to the woman in the front passenger seat. And then drive off. WTF?


Carmen San Diego said...

Soundw liek he was pulling a Brittany Spears, Driving with the baby out of the car seat.

Hey my son is in 5th grade and still hates to write.

haggardmom said...

Hee...I have a feeling Coralie's microscopic attention span is probably a sign of things to come LOL. Maybe she'll be a reader... reading is faster than writing. :-)