Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I work with someone who has recently turned 20. All I can say is, that is seriously a generation of self-centered little shits. I can't help but wonder, was I that annoying when I was 20?? I know for certain that at 20 I certainly had more work ethic, and I actually cared whether or not I made it to work on time. Hmm... this train of thought seems familiar to me... God, I'm not old enough to start repeating myself!

From the Now That's Depressing Department:
I recently received a 'Fossil' catalog in the mail... in it I found a pair of jeans that I really liked. Now, I've been feeling a bit loose in my size 14's, and had even been thinking about trying on some 12's next time I go shopping. So I measured my waist and compared it to the size chart in the Fossil catalog (big mistake). My waist is about 36 inches (assuming I measured correctly :-))... a Fossil size 12 has... a *30 inch waist*. WTF?? I see from the catalog that their average model looks to be about a size 0, so I wasn't totally surprised...but still, I did feel a little deflated. :-)


Carmen San Diego said...

I think this generations is just lazy. But society has doen it to everyone. Everything is face paced and pretty much done for us. I mean look at it, computers, mp3 players, google, cell phones, etc.. I remember in my times (which isn't very old I'm still in my early 30's) the joy of doing things was the search. My son has a cow if he has to do research the way we did it in books and can't just look it up on the computer. Man how things have changed.

As far as your size. Don't feel bad because one store is that way. Shop at old Navy. I'm always a size or two smaller there than anywhere else also target and walmart (if I ever actually buy clothes there) Be happy that your size 14 are loose and don't get upset becasue fossil has hungry models in their catalog. LOL!!!

haggardmom said...

So parents didn't even have an answering machine when I lived at home, let alone a computer LOL.

Good point about Old Navy...I have bought skirts and pants there in the past that ran quite large.