Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hello size 12 pants!! I bought a pair of size 12 cords at Kohl's today (God I love shopping at Kohl's). I know cords are more forgiving than, say, jeans, but they do most definitely fit. And not lay-on-the-bed-and-zip-with-pliers fit.
Plus, I'm down two more lbs for a total of 20. Coolio.

In unrelated news, I received the wish list for our teen adopt a family. She was incredibly specific (ie boots, flat soles, no heels). Which is great, actually, because it's hard to buy for someone you don't know. Anyway, she's 15 and has a 9 1/2 month old boy (who's about the size of my 16 month old). The Husband and I will be doing our shopping for her tomorrow, when The Grandparents can watch #1 & #2. We're on a tight budget, so we'll be taking cash so we don't overspend.
She asked for several make-up items, so I already went today and bought this at Ulta. I mean, that's the best deal ever. I could never get all of the items she asked for for less than $25, unless I bought shitty 99 cent stuff at the pharmacy, which I guess I could do, but sometimes if all you can get is crap... it's better to have nothing LOL.

I worked out on Friday, for the first time in two weeks, and now I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Abs...pain...

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