Friday, September 1, 2006


Vacation pictures are here.
For some reason, I have a difficult time taking not-blurry pictures of the kids... oh well, I used them anyway.

Good times were had. Keelan took a header off the futon, was dirty like a homeless man 99% of the time, and ate a lot of sand. In 4 days, Coralie pooped only twice (we're still working that out even though we're home now). Otherwise, the weather was good, the beach was gorgeous and clean, and I ate many bad things (but no sand).

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium, hit the outlet mall, and paid a $5 park fee to get swarmed by flies at Yaquina Head. Keelan thought watching me swat at flies was the most hilarious thing. Ever. The kids were too little to go in the lighthouse, and the tide was in so no tidepools. Bust! We had the best scones ever at The Grateful Bread bakery. Bought stupidly expensive sweater (although not cashmere stupid)and tank top for Coralie at nice boutique.
Had to endure a trip to Wal-Mart (I.hate.Wal-Mart.)for forgotten items (many) and cheap campfire wood.

All in all, a successful vacation. Although, the kids were pretty excited to see their regular toys when we got home.


bella said...

Your pictures are great. I'm glad you guys had a good time.
Now back to real life.

Dorkydad said...

Welcome back! Your kids look like they had a blast playing on the beach. My wife and I love Portland, and during a vacation there 6 years ago we took our first (and to date, only) trip to the Oregon coast. Hopefully it won't be our last!

haggardmom said...

There is much beauty to see along the Oregon coast. (Except that I hate the way people drive on the highway! Lax speed limit enforcement=lots of a-holes on the road)
Two blocks from home, Coralie said 'Let's go back to the cabin!' LOL