Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Random Musing

We went to Wildlife Safari. Photo shows

I ordered this handbag. My first real name brand bag. Thus far, I have not volunteered to my husband how much I spent (even though it isn't really *that* much). Since he is a man and his response when I told him I was getting a new one was 'what's wrong with that one? You just got it!'. I tried to explain why but was greeted with a blank stare... I'll tell him the price if he asks... :-)

Super important rule when cooking:
Never try to cut an orange in half while holding it in your hand. You will cut yourself and then say 'shitshitshit!' while trying not to bleed into the food. And you'll also hope that your daughter, who is standing right there, didn't really hear you say 'shitshitshit!', but you know she did and it will come back and haunt you at a later date. Probably at the in-laws.

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