Thursday, August 3, 2006


Someone I know, one of the moms in Coralie's playgroup, is pregnant and due in December. It's her second child. She isn't showing. At all. I know she's worried about it, but she isn't talking much about it and the rest of us haven't really felt like it's appropriate to push the issue. I keep thinking about it because I know this baby is desperately wanted, after two previous heartbreaks. It doesn't help that a coworker of mine is pregnant with twins, due at the same time, after two years of infertility treatment. So I keep thinking that even though this other person I know isn't having twins that there would be some external sign at nearly 4 months.

I guess we'll know soon if there is something going on.


bella said...

I don't think I would approach her if you don't know her well, but, you can always ask how's she's feeling to see if she'll talk about it.
Is she a skinny girl? Sometimes they don't show very early. I'm a fatty and I didn't start popping out until my 5th month.

haggardmom said...

She is a skinny girl, that's why we thought it was strange that she isn't showing... I mean, her stomach is *flat*... but she says that she carried the same way with her first child too.