Thursday, August 10, 2006

And Now, On to Other Bodily Fluids

I was one of the parent helpers today for Coralie's last day of day camp.
All I can say is, wow- 1. Her teacher is one special person for being able to do that job, and
2. Now I understand why every preschool teacher I've met thus far does not have any children. Because, after a long day of teaching/herding 3 year olds, how in the world would you have anything left?

It was hubby's grandpa's birthday, so the kids and I went over for a BBQ. As usual, grandpa was mean to my son. Coralie ate strawberries and cake & ice cream. When I got home, I was glad that Keelan went to bed with no fuss... but because my exhausting day wouldn't be complete without a grand finale, Coralie spontaneously threw up in the kitchen. At least it was on the linoleum... *sigh*

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