Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday... Zzzz...

I had the *worst* insomnia last night... I stayed up late to finish a book, and then I could not sleep. It was like I just couldn't turn my brain off! I only ended up getting a few hours of sleep. Helllooo coffee!!

Tonight, I watched 'Ultraviolet'. Man, what fun! So much color, and thoroughly entertaining. Despite Milla's, shall we say, limited acting abilities. :-)
I finally finished all 5 discs in the 'A History of Britain' set... very interesting, but pretty dense. It was a lot to absorb. Simon Schama is an excellent narrator, however, he's hard to watch after a while. He twitches and fidgets a lot, to the point of distraction.

I've been doing a lot in the yard. Collecting various pots and containers where I can get them cheap. Actually, the best deals are at the craft store. We're in the beginning stages of planning a play area in the backyard, the cheap-ass way: pea gravel! Basically, we're just going to put down some weed-block, build a low barrier, and pour in a hell of a lot of gravel. We're hoping to extend it far enough to creat a somewhat level area to park the shed on as well. Unfortunately, our backyard is sloped and lumpy, and the shed is sort of propped up with concrete blocks. (If we had a front lawn, we could park the car on it) :-)

I'm down about 10 lbs now. It's been slow going, because I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not on the CHEESEBURGER DIET or the ENCHILADA DIET. LOL Gotta keep on truckin'...

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