Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Too Much Poop!

Coralie has had a great couple of days so far at her preschool day camp... absolutely no problems with being dropped off there, only minor behavioral things like shrieking and running in the hall. The teacher just said she needed a couple of reminders, not a big deal. She has had potty accidents on both days, but today was better than yesterday. Her teacher said yesterday she made many trips to the bathroom but didn't go, then waited too long and wet herself. Today, she was productive on most of her trips. Now, this brings me to...
Welcome to my House of Poo:

Keelan woke up this morning with diarrhea. The kind that escapes the confines of the diaper and explodes all over the crib. Hubby got to deal with this one. It was so bad, hubby just took him straight to the bathtub for a bath. Additionally, he had another nice episode after dinner. He only wanted water today, not that interested in food.
Coralie was *really* constipated yesterday. She didn't go for two days, to the point that she had belly pain and was uncomfortable even sitting on the toilet. (I think this is why she peed herself at school) I was worried so I called the doctor's office, and the advice nurse said that she thought what she really needed was some white grape juice or prune juice. 8 oz a day. I decided on the white grape because I knew Coralie would drink that without complaint, the prune I'd have to hide in something else. Well, who knew that white grape juice could command such results! She's been pooping ALL DAY. At school, she went in the toilet and in her pants (twice). At home, she's gone in her pants,(then when I got tired of finding clean undies) on the floor, on the deck (poop deck! ha!), and in the toilet. Usually when we have a poo on the floor scenario, I have her clean it up herself. Well, I cleaned up the one on the deck after she went in the house to the bathroom, and she had a tantrum. Because I didn't let her clean up the poop. WTF??
I am, shall we say, pooped.

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