Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update on My Total Lameness!

Office Drama Update: email sender lost her job. Recipient did not, and for reasons not understood by me, continues to come to work. I dunno, I guess if it was me I would be so mortified that I wouldn't let the door hit me in the ass on the way out. Proves that some people just can't be embarassed by anything.

The house across the street has been sold for weeks now, but had not seen hide nor hair of our new neighbor. Today, finally, he was there and it looks like they're doing some pretty major reno... they removed truckloads of wood and cabinetry from the house. Be interesting to see what evolves. Would it be out of line for me to ask him to paint the exterior something other than poo brown while he's at it?? :-)

Hmm... can't think of anything else of interest, so I'll just go watch my documentary on Einstein and physics. :-)


bella said...

Office politics I guess, but, they both should have been fired.

haggardmom said...

I agree... I guess that's why I don't work in HR LOL!