Thursday, May 18, 2006

Curse You, Lame Template Selection!

I've been itching to change blog templates for some time now, but Blogger's selection is... well... zzz..... oh! Yes, lame. I looked around on the internet at some other sites that have blog skins, but a lot of those were just as awful, or worse. (Mariah Carey! Gah!) I'll have to go through my notes from the dry-as-dust HTML class I took and see if I can just make some changes myself.

Hey, tomorrow is Friday... payday... more coffee money, yay! :-)

Coralie's new favorite way to (unsuccessfully) avoid time out:
'Coralie, you have to go to time-out'

Keelan is making some new sounds... in addition to the usual 'ba' & 'da', we now have 'th'... not paired with anything else, just 'th'. LOL


Allie D. said...

When installing my new banner yesterday, it took me roughly three hours of tweaking to get it right, and even still it's not perfect. It depends on what browser one is using. I really hate messing with that kind of stuff.

I noticed you said you live in Beaverton! We bought our new car at Beaverton Toyota! :)

haggardmom said...

I'm not surprised... I stared at that code for a long time before I went, naaahh... I thought I'd like HTML, but I don't. Maybe I'm not geeky enough LOL...
I thought I recognized the dealer logo on the license plate card in the photos you posted, but I wasn't sure if they had the same dealer up there or if you came all the way down here. :-) We're thinking about testing a Yaris... only for the mileage savings.