Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thank You AC Man!

Well, it was just a damaged contact that needed replacing on the air conditioner and now we're good to go. He said that previously when our furnace was bugging out it was causing the AC to flip on and off repeatedly, damaging the contacts... then the contacts would get hot and stick together and then the thing wouldn't shut off when the furnace went off. So, now I can confidently point the finger in the general direction of my loving husband, for blowing me off for *weeks* when I tried to tell him there was something wrong with the furnace. By the time he finally called and got the repairman out here, the motor was severely damaged by a loose bolt that had been flying around in there and the whole motor assembly had to be replaced.

I'm scheduled to go see the doc on Friday... about six weeks ago I accidentally kicked the leg on the ottoman, except whatever I sprained or strained isn't healing. Plus, despite my best efforts at strengthening my quads for support MY KNEES ARE KILLING ME. About the only thing I can do pain free at this point are walk and sit (just the sitting part, getting up or down hurts). It makes me feel OLD. I have had patello-femoral syndrome in my right knee for years, but now it's in both knees and the pain hasn't gone away for about 8 months. I'm pretty sure being a fatty doesn't have anything to do with it, I'm not as heavy now as I've been in the past when I was still pain free...

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