Sunday, May 21, 2006


I just spent 5 hours cleaning my kitchen.(I wasn't about to embarass myself with a 'before' photo, so you only get the 'after' LOL) One wouldn't think that 5 hours could be spent on such a task, but oh, it can. I put on my Bond DVD for some musical motivation... I moved *everything*, I cleaned *everything*. I washed all of my vases, and wiped all of my small appliances... I would have done the cabinets, but they still have tags on them telling me where things are located. (from when I was working with the organizer)
I made myself a task list for today, but after this my enthusiasm had pretty much waned, so I only picked up the toys in the living room. Now my feet hurt.


bella said...

It looks really, really good. I love the blue counter/blue pans. Now, keep it clean! :)

haggardmom said...

Yes, keeping it clean will be the true test LOL... the color of the pans and the blue countertops are kind of a funny coincidence... I had those pans before we moved to this house. :-)