Monday, April 10, 2006


I should have known last night that there was something wrong when Keelan didn't want to go to bed, when he was obviously tired. He finally went to sleep, but woke up twice about two hours later, cried out and then went back to sleep. I didn't go in because I figured he put himself back to sleep so I wasn't going to intervene. At about 2 am he woke up mad as hell, and when I went in the smell hit me like a ton of bricks: barf. When he sat up in bed, even in the dark I could see a huge puddle of it that he had been laying in. He had puke from his hair all the way down to his socks. After a PJ change (and a mini-bath with a baby wipe)and a sheet change, I nursed him. When I sat him up to nurse him on the other side, he started to cough a little bit and just as my brain was registering 'uh-oh', he threw up in my lap. I turned him and held him over the floor and he threw up onto the carpet. I changed his clothes again, and had the hubby clean up the barf on the floor while I wiped the puke off of myself. Fortunately, Keelan was just ready to go back to sleep at this point... his disposition has been okay today, although he seems tired. Needless to say, I've been a little wary about giving him food today, so he's just had breast and formula. We aren't sure what brought this on, we think maybe he overate at dinner. Usually when he eats cheese at home, I give him shredded cheese (because that's what I buy and I'm lazy LOL) but we were eating at my in-laws house because they're on vacation and hubby was working his brother's car. So he got cubed cheese instead, which we discovered later he had not chewed, but just swallowed it whole. I think it was just too much for his tummy to handle and it revolted. :-(

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