Thursday, April 6, 2006

Well, Now That'll Make Ya Jump

I was reaching in between the couch and end table yesterday to retrieve some mail that had fallen on the floor, and I saw a dead fish on the floor next to the couch. After looking in the tank to see who was still living, I determined that it was the smallest of our Bala Sharks, but it was still about 4 inches long. I was quite startled to see it there on the floor, but my husband assures me that they can 'flop pretty far'... even so, it would have had to jump out of the back of the tank (it's a corner tank, sortof shaped like a pie wedge), flop around to the front of the tank and about 3 more feet to the side of the couch. That sounds like a fish on a (suicide) mission to me.

More AAAAh! My Eyes!- today I observed a lady, about a size 20 (possibly 22) walking down the street, ass ripped out of her jeans (not wearing tights or pants underneath), black halter top (braless, NOT flat chested), pushing a stroller with one hand and holding a cigarette in the other. I will add, that I really don't want to see anyone's ass hanging out of their pants, no matter what size, but bulging thigh fat just makes it 10 times worse.

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carmen said...

that's is a visual I don't want to see. Sorry about you fish also.