Friday, March 3, 2006


My Little Dude is a TEETHING MACHINE. He officially started teething at 3 months, and produced his first two pearly whites a week shy of 5 months. Only a month or so later, he started working on the top two. Now, those top two have not fully presented themselves, they're only about halfway in. Today, I saw that tooth #5 is already halfway in on the bottom! Sneaky, that one is. Coralie had everything but her molars by the time she was 1, so at this rate I expect Keelan will probably follow a similar path.

In Unrelated News- I watched 'Kingdom of Heaven' and really enjoyed it. Visually, it was beautiful, plus it has Orlando Bloom. (Dorkiest name ever, but HOT)Oh, and Liam Neeson too.
The personal trainer is now giving me homework. Now, I have to do two sets of crunches, and 20 mins of cardio x2 before I go back on Monday at the ungodly hour of 7 am. My abs are saying 'help me'.

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