Thursday, March 2, 2006

Next Stop...

MRI! So, we went to the neurosurgeon today... and it basically came down to- the doc thinks he's fine (she said the gap in the S1 vertebra looks small), but the x-ray wasn't very good because Keelan was full of poo, which blocked quite a bit of the view of his spine, so she wants him to have an MRI. The MRI will hopefully clear up whether or not he has any tethering, and if the other protuberance of his spine means anything or not. I'm really not looking forward to the MRI itself, because he'll have to be sedated, plus I think they're going to do contrast, so I am pretty sure he's going to need an IV. I will ask when I call to make the appointment. :-( I think that will be the end of it though, if the MRI comes back normal.

In Other News- we bought a new mattress today... I personally could have waited, but hubby insisted that the old one was really bothering his back. We were able to get a good deal on a floor model that they aren't going to sell anymore, downside is no warranty. On something like this, we don't mind.
Not too much Potty Horror today... because we were going to be out, I put training pants over her underwear. She had two successful trips to the potty. She still turns into a Drama Mama. (whining- mommy I need a huuuuug... mommy, hold my hands... mommy I'm so done...)

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