Saturday, February 11, 2006

Go Figure!

I took Coralie to the pool at the rec center today, and she was AWESOME. Appropriately wary, but otherwise enjoyed playing & splashing, and actually let me take her from the comfort of the steps out into the pool a couple of times. Which means that most of her swim class anxiety probably comes from 1. Being 3 and hating being told what to do and 2. The teacher is not me. I think he is a good teacher, and she really needs to learn how to form trusting relationships with other non-familial adults.
In Other News, the tide seems to be turning in the War that is Dinnertime. For the past week or so, Coralie actually ate at dinnertime. Tonight, she actually ate all 4 bites of steak I put on her plate. This is huge, because she has always been a self-imposed vegetarian. Until just recently, it was extremely difficult to get her to eat any kind of meat. It wouldn't be a problem if she would eat meat alternatives (beans, tofu, etc) but she won't eat any of those things either. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not just a fluke...

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