Friday, February 10, 2006


Today, we sold our bed frame

Not because there was anything wrong with it, it was a nice bed. However, as you can see, we really don't have a log cabin thing going in our room, and we tired of having this huge piece of furniture in our room. Before we placed the ad for our bed, we picked out a new bed that we liked. Unfortunately, now we're too broke to buy it. So, our mattress is on the floor. Hubby said, 'hey, this is like college!' It also meant that all of the crap that was shoved under the bed had to be piled on top of the other crap already on the floor of our bedroom. Note that this picture was taken from a vantage point that doesn't show the floor. Yes, there is a reason for that. If this doesn't give the organizer a heart attack next week when she comes back, I don't know what will. Oh well, she gets paid to help me deal with my crap. :-)


bella said...

It really doesn't look half as bad as what you explained, but, like you said, we haven't seen the floor. LOL.
I love the color of the bed spread, I love that deep wine look.

haggardmom said...

I like to joke that we're really protecting the carpet by covering it up LOL.
I love that color too. I've found that it 'goes' with a lot of other colors. I'm kind of fussy about my sheets clashing too much with the bed spread, but this one goes with most things. :-)