Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chilly Willy!

Wow, real winter weather! The weather man predicts it will get down to 16 degrees, and maybe a wind chill as cold as 0... of course, the weather dudes are right about 25% of the time, so we'll see what we REALLY get. I hope it doesn't snow, I have stuff to do tomorrow. Coralie is supposed to go for a checkup at the doctor. (yay)

I visited another preschool today. It's a co-op. It's $160 a month. I am so signing her up. Please, please let her potty train before the next school year starts.

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bella said...

Co-op's are much easier on the wallet, LOL, Angie pre school is Co-op. Just a hint, be prepared to volunteer lot's of time (not so bad) and they do lot's of fundraising only because they're parent owned and operated. You can email me through my site if you want to chat more about it.