Friday, February 17, 2006

Well, That Went Badly

It's 25 degrees. Brrr!
Coralie went for her 3 year checkup today. Good grief, what a horror! When the nurse called us back, at that point Coralie came UNHINGED. She kicked and screamed and wouldn't stand on the scale, so we had to skip the height and weight. The poor nurse had to stand in the exam room and try to ask me questions over her wailing. She soon resorted to waiting for the pause between screams when Coralie stopped to take a breath to ask me a question. When the pediatrician came in, we pretty much ignored Coralie's tantrum and had a discussion about her behavior and a couple of other things. Eventually, Coralie was distracted by a toy and the doc was able to do a limited exam, but said due to her emotional state we should postpone getting her hepatitis shot. She suggested we try some books and role playing at home to try to ease her fear of the doctor, but she also thinks (and I agree) that it is not just fear, it's WILLFULNESS. Then, as if to add more insult to Coralie's trauma-of-the-day, the wind blew her down in the parking lot. All in all, despite the purported 'normal-ness' of most of this behavior, I was totally mortified.

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