Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Wallet Just Cringed in Horror

I shopped my first preschool for Coralie today (conveniently located next to my therapist's office LOL). I haven't gone to their open house yet, but I picked up an information packet, which included a fee schedule. $532 a MONTH for 1/2 day, 3 days a week. Plus a $125 registration fee. YAAA! That's for their Beginner's class, which is between 'Toddler' and preschool. I suspect that is probably where Coralie falls at this point. I will ask more questions at the open house next month. I'm not sure we can afford that. I have another place I want to check, and if their tuition is in the same ballpark, I may seriously have to start looking for a co-op.


Dorkydad said...

We had the same sticker shock when we went preschool shopping and finally opted for a "Mother's Morning Out" program at a local baptist church (it makes the hair on my neck stand on end to write those words) which meets a 1/2 day twice a week for only $125 per month (+ one-time $125 registration fee). The church doesn't teach baptist doctrine, though they do read Bible stories.

haggardmom said...

The one we settled on is at an Episcopal church, but they don't really do any direct religious teaching. They have a 'nature oriented blessing song' before lunch, but that's it. Most people I know, most of which are not church-goers, have sent their kids to church preschools... it seems that's where some of the best, most affordable programs are.