Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Waiting Begins!

Keelan had his x-ray, and it was a PIECE OF CAKE. He just laid there, surveying the room while I held his little ankles. It was over in a jiff. The tech said the film is going out to the radiologist to be read today, so it should just be a couple of days before we get the results.
Hubby had his ultrasound. Probably will be 2-3 days before we hear back on that. He's convinced that the tech must not have seen anything because she would have called the doctor... on the other hand, he said the exam was very uncomfortable and he had pain radiating into his back every time she pressed on his stomach. That's definitely not normal.
I watched 'The Island'. It was fun. Plus, Ewan McGregor! I keep having to watch movies on my laptop because while we have a home theater system in the bedroom, the DVD player is a POS and has refused to play the last 4 movies I tried to watch. I could go downstairs to the family room, but 1. family room has no heat- brrrr! 2. I have this weird thing about being close to my kids while they're sleeping.

From the 'It's a Miracle' department:

Coralie ate *4* bowls of mac & cheese with peas & hotdogs. Actually, she picked the hotdog out of the last 3 bowls, but she did eat all of the noodles & peas. WOW!

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