Monday, January 23, 2006

Sometimes Being Related to your Doctor is Not so Good

Hubby's doc (who is also a distant cousin) forgot to call in the order for his ultrasound, so they had to put it off until tomorrow. So he'll be getting an ultrasound, and Keelan will be having his x-ray. Joy all around!

Coralie was a brat at her swim class today. All she could say to the teacher was 'NO! I DON'T WANT TO!' every time he tried to get her to do something. *sigh* The fun continued after we got home. She had a tantrum when she had to go have quiet time in her room, and then had the mother of all tantrums when we tried to go as a family to run some errands and she wanted to ride in the Toyota instead of the minivan. I told hubby to take Keelan and go without us. Coralie was trying to kick and hit me, so I parked her in her room, put the gate up & went in the other room until she finally burned out. It took about 45 minutes of shrieking and kicking the gate. It wore me out just listening to it!

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