Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life Continues to Move Forward...

Despite my best efforts. ;-)
I really ought to blog more, as it would get some crap off my chest... but my brain is not firing on all cylinders most of the time. So there's my out, right there.

My mom has been on hospice for about a week and a half now... my dad, of course, is starting to bitch about the hospice people. I think it doesn't really have much to do with the individuals themselves, and more to do with the fact that now they have all these people going in and out of the house almost every day. Probably he should ask about consolidating, so maybe the nurse and the bath aide can come on the same day or something. At any rate, she's regressing pretty fast, so I am unsure how long all this is going to go on anyway.

I threw my lower back out (out with the trash, I tell you!) yesterday, moving a damn desk chair, of all things. A heavy, metal, Army-issue desk chair. I moved it to reach a large spider that was in my daughter's closet. When I went to get *on* the chair, my lower back muscles seized in revolt. And I still had to get on the chair and deal with the spider, whilst not screaming. Then, I discovered that there was NO IBUPROFEN. So I had a swig of liquid children's Tylenol. I laid on the bed for awhile, but the Tylenol did zip. So I crept out of bed and got the heating pad... O glorious heating pad! I texted the trainer whose class I work out in at the gym and she advised I should be laying on an ice pack. On the floor. In front of the couch, with my feet up on it. So, reluctantly I left my heating pad and went for the lumpy bag of ice instead. On the floor of the living room, where I noticed the carpet smells like pee. Super. So I ended up alternating a few times with the heating pad and ice, and The Husband came home early and also found some ibuprofen in the garage. With that I was able to get comfy enough on the couch to watch 'Wonders of the Universe'. Prof Brian Cox= luv
I also had an herbal supplement that was prescribed to me when my neck was out... its a sleep supplement combined with musculoskeletal support. So I took two of those before bed, and would have slept nicely, except The Boy woke me up at 4 am after a nightmare and insisted on sleeping with us.
Today, the pain is less, but it feels like there's a rock in my lower back. Which is unpleasant feeling.

Today's tomato yield: two cherry tomatoes. One San Marzano is almost ripe, one Cherokee Purple is just starting to ripen.
Still wondering why my onions aren't growing... they've been the same size for months. I guess its not going to be a banner season for onions.

Ack... back hurts. Time to get out of this chair.

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