Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to the Germnasium... AGAIN

So The Husband has had The Crud now for, oh, going on a week here. He's really sick, although he's been dragging himself to work most days. I think he called in once. Problem is, lots of people at work are sick, and he is In Charge. So if there's no one to cover for the In Charge person, it throws a real wrench into things. He says if he doesn't feel better by the weekend, he'll go to the Dr. (Which is funny, because he doesn't even *have* a Dr!)

So, today, Coralie came down with it too. She was a toasty 102 this afternoon. So she certainly is not going to school tomorrow.

Continuing with More Fun, The Husband has to go renew his CPR and ACLS certifications tomorrow, so he'll be gone. All. Day. As in, 8 AM to 8 PM. :-(

If Keelan catches this crud, I think I'm going to run away.

In Other News-
I made an appointment with my old therapist today... because of the kids' school schedules, I couldn't get in for a couple of weeks, but I think it will be ok. I am not in crisis right now.

I'm also making a list of tinctures to order, and I received my seed order from Territorial Seed. I'm going to need to get some sort of lighting setup for starting seeds indoors... last year didn't go too well (stuff came up, but the lighting wasn't strong enough). Not sure yet what I'm going to do... gotta do it soon!

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