Saturday, January 29, 2011

A 'Normal' Day

I did not go to the hospital today. I felt mildly guilty, because my aunt was clearly disappointed that I wasn't coming, but I am TAPPED. OUT. I think I am entitled to one day to (relatively) recharge.

I originally planned to take the kids out to do something, but they got involved in some play at home and I decided not to interrupt. We did go out for pie after dinner, but otherwise we had just a regular ol' day at home. We were outside for a while, and discovered that we already have some eggs in the pond... I *think* long-toed salamanders. I think that's what I saw last summer.

I did spend some time researching alternative treatments for my mom's cancer (which I have discovered the correct spelling for- glioblastoma multiforme). I found a couple of integrative medicine physicians in their area, and I will pass the info on to my dad when I see him tomorrow. I had this thought, that if this is a zero-cure cancer (per allopathic medicine statistics), would it hurt to try something else? It's not like we have much to lose... but, in the end the decision is not really mine, so I will just let my dad know what I found.
I'm having a lot of mixed feelings, not the least of which is dread. Dread not for the impending loss, but the suffering of rounds of chemo and radiation, and many trips to the doctor, all for the same end result.

So tomorrow my brother-in-law will take the kids in the afternoon when my husband goes to work... I'll be tooling up to the hospital in the morning.

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