Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The kids and I will be hangin' with the in-laws this year, as turkey day also happens to be my parent's wedding anniversary and they will be doing something (or maybe nothing!) for that. Some years, I long to be able to host the big dinner, but then common sense returns and I gladly leave it for someone else (that would be my in-laws). I guess my other hang-up is that I'm really not a social person, so spending hours with relatives (that aren't even mine) really sucks the life out of me. My hubby has to work, so he has an out... :-)

I did make this pie, but it's not for Thanksgiving... it was just for us. And it's 3/4's gone already.

Been experimenting a lot with my new camera, and taking a lot of random photos (like pictures of the cat sleeping. Or a cup of coffee). We had an itty-bitty bit of snow this week (which then promptly froze). The kids, of course, were dying to play in that 1/8" of snow...

I am actually glad it didn't hang around long... when it snows/freezes, I'm totally stranded at home. This time, there wasn't really enough snow to do anything with, but the kids were out of school because of the ice. Made for a loooong day involving lots of TV. Although, to their credit, there wasn't much bickering or sass. (My sanity thanks you, kids!)

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