Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bah Humbug

I dread this time of year, I really do. The reason for the season is completely lost on 95% of the Christmas-observing population. One of my husband's coworkers commented that she'd saved $500 by going to some 1 AM sale at Kohl's... but she still spent $700. Although apparently this covered all of her shopping for the whole family, I am still horrified at the idea of spending that much money on something other than a home or auto repair. I've spent $100 so far, and am at least halfway done. And I am still a little nervous about the final financial outcome, only because my husband does not pay much attention to such things when shopping for the kids. Still, I can guarantee you it will not be anywhere in the ballpark of $700.
I'm going to make an attempt at prioritizing my time better this holiday season, so maybe I won't get so socially burnt out. I would really just like one get together with each side of the family, and that would be enough for me. I just have to come up with ways to get out of the rest, LOL.

Bosco says... 'I see... snacks'...

I'm trying to work my way through 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'. It's very wordy, and I do find myself skimming a little. I've already seen the movie, so now reading the book actually makes some things make more sense. You just don't get all the back story and/or explanations in a movie.
Next up, I'll be reading the new Lee Child book. I'm surprised there aren't any Jack Reacher movies...

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