Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Bits

Finally, after years of grumbling, I'm going to the chiropractor on Monday. Hopeful for good results. Back pain sucks, man.

Had a bad computer virus last week. Had to pay $150 to the hire-a-geek company to fix it. She worked on it for 2 1/2 hours, before she was finally able to find and get rid of the source file. I had to get rid of some fragments that were left behind after she was done, but otherwise, PC is back to its regular level of slowness. I was very annoyed by having to hire someone to fix it, usually I do all my own maintenance, but this was bad. Had to browbeat The Husband about READING all pop-ups and NEVER CLICK 'OK'.

Got my son enrolled in a pre-K program for the fall. Feeling mighty good about it, actually, despite my initial insistence at homeschooling. This is a good school. And in my budget! And not a co-op!

It was nice enough today that I was able to get some stuff planted today. My yarrow, aster, and elderberry cutting all went in the ground today. Futzed with some rocks around the pond. Found an arrangement that I like.
It's fairly warm today, so I put my plant seedlings out in the greenhouse. Will probably have to bring them in for the night.
Moved my old worm bin into place, now patiently waiting for some soil and my herbs.

Been watching season 1 of '24'. Finding Jack Bauer's wife incredibly shrill and annoying. Also working through season 2 of 'Bones'. Mmm... David Boreanaz...

Husband committed a bad door-ding in the REI parking lot today. Blamed the kids, for 'being so slow' getting in the car. I still haven't figured out how that translated to him letting go of the car door while parked on an incline... at any rate, it left a paint mark but didn't dent the other car's door.

Kids are going with the grandparents tomorrow to the coast. Coralie is out of school Monday, and I'm going to let Keelan play hooky so he can go too. Hooray all around.

Coralie attended her first sleepover... it was at her uncle's house, with his fiance's niece. Who is, quite possibly, even bossier than Coralie is... anyway, they get along well and are always excited to spend time together. Although, I'm pretty sure my brother-in-law was glad for the quiet after they left...

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