Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Note to self: when making granola, do not be tempted by the health benefits of brewer's yeast to put in a full cup. Thank you.

I've been reading Rodale's 'Garden Problem Solver'. I particularly appreciated the section on insectary gardening, which included a suggested garden plan. I have a few spots in my yard where I think this would work... but many of the plants on the list are not readily available here. I found a local company, Wild Garden Seeds, that carries an 'insectary mix'. So, I ordered a packet. It contains some of the plants that were in the book, plus some others. I'm going to try to get to the nursery today or sometime this week to look for a Cascara. Portland Nursery has them, but Al's is closer, so I'll try them first.

Coralie spent yesterday morning with her head in the toilet... no fever, just the shakes and the vomiting. I was not feeling so great myself, so we took a long nap together. She was alright by early afternoon... we're guessing that this is a delayed reaction to the massive amount of sugar she consumed over the weekend. I tried to keep the sweets at bay yesterday. She had a granola bar, and some tea with honey, otherwise all she had until dinner was bread. I hope to continue that today, although she will certainly have something junky at Girl Scouts. :-/

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Anonymous said...

I laughed about the brewer's yeast. I love it, but I'm not sure about a cup in a granola recipe. I salute you for voyaging forward, way beyond the rest of us in this healthful journey!

I like WildGardenSeed. Got good stuff from them. Good customer service. Everything grew vibrantly.