Friday, February 26, 2010

I Hate Colds

I really hate being sick... and this cold is quite mild, compared to what many others are dealing with. Still, it makes me cranky and throws off my routine.

Even so, it was with enthusiasm that I went out and planted my peas this week, and put up the Leaning Tower of Peas-a (hee!) AKA a bamboo-pole teepee that leans slightly to the left... soon I will also make a ladder on it with some twine (as soon as I FIND the twine). AND one of my cucumber seeds sprouted indoors. So, that makes at least one of everything I planted indoors... I have decided that I am going to just make peace with whatever comes up, and I'm not going to bend over backward to *make* things grow. It just stresses me out, and the results are rarely worth it. On that note, I am trying not to overwhelm myself with things that don't grow well here. While I am going to try sweet peppers this year, it's only because I have the pop-up greenhouse, which will make better conditions for them. Same with the melons.

Also, this arrived today:

This, friends, is my gift to myself. A new bread maker. A not-cheap-ass bread maker. Although, in my defense, I did buy an open-box unit, thereby saving myself $40. :-) I am very excited about this... hopefully the long line of doorstops will end.

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