Friday, March 19, 2010

As the World Turns...

We bought a new fish tank today, a 75 gallon long tank. This will be our 'community tank'. It will also be our first foray into densely planted tanks. Something we've always admired, but were not in a position to attempt... although we're growing some Hornwort in the goldfish tank, but that's because it grows faster than they can eat it and doesn't mind the cold water.

I was able to procure a gently used Wii Fit Plus this week (suck it, Nintendo, and your withhold-product-to-drive-up-price scheme). I've been using it in between gym workouts... although, it informed me on the second day that I'd gained two pounds. What?!! I so did not eat 6,000 calories in 24 hours... stupid water weight. :-(

Kids are outside making mud today... I know some parents are thinking, 'Gah! Kids are home for a week! What will I do?' but I, for one, am looking forward to only setting my alarm on gym days, not fussing about lunches, not fussing about Keelan being late for school because he didn't want to get up (again), having less driving to do, and not having to worry about my son having to be pried off of me at school because he doesn't want me to go (again).
I am glad for the break... well, 'break' is relative... :-)

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