Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today just started out bad. I woke up with terrible cramps. I got up to make Coralie some breakfast... she insisted she only wanted to eat an orange, but I managed to convince her to eat some crackers and milk with it. I just couldn't push her any more than that today.
I tried to sleep off the cramps, after taking two crampbark caps, but no go. I took two more when I got up, and that didn't help either. Eventually, while I was trying to fold some laundry, I decided to suck it up and take some Excedrin, rather than spend the day hunched over like an old lady while my uterus tried to implode. Even after that, I still had cramps for most of the afternoon, but the pain was much lessened.

The kids were doing really well, playing together nicely and sharing, until late afternoon. Then we really paid for it. :-( They bickered all the time I was trying to make dinner (butternut squash waffles, yum). Then, they got in an argument over a fork (insert eye roll here). Keelan snagged the coveted fork first, so Coralie tried to take away his dinner plate. I made her give the plate back, so she sat in her chair and sulked. That eventually gave way to major tears because I wouldn't A.) Make him give her the fork and B.) Make a special point of washing the other fork like it so she could use it... because there was a whole drawer of clean forks! I was just not in the mood at all. I didn't yell at her, I tried hard to talk her down from her tears, but finally I had to say that I was going to take her plate and she could leave the table. Suddenly, she was perfectly ok with that regular fork. She also accepted some Rescue Remedy at that time.

The Husband took the kids for a walk after dinner.

We got some yard work done today... raked leaves and pruned, swept off the patio, and pulled up the dead tomato plants. Interestingly, my one orange is still on the tree, and it's turning orange now. Perhaps I'll get to eat it after all. :-)

I've been watching episodes of 'Wire in the Blood' on my laptop, streamed from Netflix. Unfortunately, it has been keeping me up too late. I can't watch it when the kids are around.

Skin problems are popping up again... my face was so much better after I switched to the castile soap, but it's getting worse again. Not sure if it's the soap or something else. It's frustrating.

One of the cats has been going potty outside the box. We don't know who the culprit is. The box is clean so I don't know why it's happening. :-/
Just one more thing to deal with...

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your hard day yesterday. I haven't used cramp bark, but sometimes I take things like meadowsweet, poppy, and motherwort.

Maybe this cycle has been one of those healing crisis sort of ones? You've been doing lots of good work with the doc.