Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Bits

Had a work party at the preschool today. Felt myself starting to crash, so left early. Even though I feel on the mend, I'm still easily exhausted.
Said exhaustion allowed me to avoid a birthday party that Coralie went to for one of her school friends. Stayed home with Keelan and did puzzles and read some books. Husband messaged me with a video of the kids at the party running around shrieking, and a note, 'This is hell.' Bless him, he lasted the whole two hours.
Coralie's Betta, Bob, has some kind of infection. Poor Bob. We just moved him to a new tank, so he probably got stressed out. Probably didn't help that Husband dropped him on the table while transferring him. Husband is going to get some fishy medicine. He'll probably die anyway, but at least we made a show of effort. Also, Husband now agrees that perhaps a sturdier breed of fish is in order next time.

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