Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Blah

I think I did too much today... a couple of short drives, an at-home bible study, and some activity in the kitchen left me wanting to be horizontal at 6 pm.
So, this will be a short post, as I have taken a dose of the red stuff (NyQuil, Red Death flavor) and expect to be unconscious soon...

I was going to make flautas today, since the kiddies were having mac & cheese for dinner (it was their choice day). I thought it would be so good if I could finally get a batch of home made tortillas to come out right, but alas, it was not to be. Observe, another batch of tortillas that turned into flatbread:
We'll eat them, but they aren't good for rolling. I have to try a different recipe... ended up making my flautas with some whole wheat tortillas that I had. They were ok, but I think for this type of food, white would have been better. More crunchy, I think.

Ok, I feel the meds now... sweet oblivion, here I come...

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