Monday, November 23, 2009

Boo, Hiss

This is not fun. Now both kids have eye infections. Keelan has a nice, deep seated smoker's cough. I kept him out of school today because of the eye thing. Last night, he was very tired and his eye was red, so I put some Similisan drops in before bed. Man, as soon as those drops hit his eyeball he burst into tears. He cried and cried, and I felt like a big fat loser. :-( He slept in this morning, until after 9 am.

I wish they would just GET BETTER.

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6p00d83451c32669e2 said...

Oh man... not fair! I remember when my brother and I gave each other eye infections.

Are you giving them elderberry syrup, too? Ginger tea with honey for the cough?

I send peace and calmness to you.