Thursday, October 1, 2009

Handbag aggravation

I just bought a new handbag yesterday... It was a 50% off impulse buy. I like it. It's light blue, instead of brown or black like most of my others. However, as today is one of those days where I need to carry some extra things, I'm discovering that once again I have made a poor choice. From a function point of view, anyway. This happens a lot to me. I seem to always underestimate how much space I actually need. I also don't want to carry two bags or use a tote bag as a purse. Makes me think I should take another whack at making my own... Although that takes a whole other level of patience that I don't always have...
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Anonymous said...

Oh man... I can relate. I have huge, ongoing bag issues. I admire you for buying one, though, because most of the time I just think, "Wow... I need a new bag..."

Blue is bold, too.