Saturday, October 3, 2009


I spent too much time in the kitchen today. I never thought I'd say that.
I completed and canned a batch of tomato sauce (with WINE. Yum.) that I started yesterday. Then I decided to go ahead and start my applesauce. Here's the thing... I only have one really big pot, and it's the one I need to use for canning. So I had to use my large soup pot to make the sauce. In batches. It took. All. Day. So, at 5:30 pm I was trying to process quarts of applesauce and make dinner at the same time. While the kids are yelling, running, and wrestling. Not a fun time (for me). I am still procrastinating on the 17 lbs of grapes in the garage fridge. Speaking of garage fridge...
A very, very, generous gesture by my in-laws... this is approximately 1/4 of a cow. From a friend of theirs who raises one every year or so (primarily to stay in the agricultural tax bracket, I think...). So, it's a well raised, hormone free source.

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