Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting the Heck Out of Here... Briefly...

Going to the beach for the weekend. Tillamook (cheese, Grommit!) where my in-laws have a place. I was going to get a hotel, but this will be free... even though we'll have to drive a ways to get to the actual beach. It's ok though, since Husband is not going (work), the kids and I can spend more time at the beach doing nothing. Depending on the weather, of course... my husband doesn't really like to just 'sit' on the beach.

Kept Keelan home from school today... we thought he had a fever this morning. Turns out, he doesn't, but he was up twice in the night and we could tell he was not feeling well this morning. He didn't even get out of bed until after 9 am. He's very tired.

I am trying some new things in my quest to get my daughter well-fed in the mornings before school: cobbler or crisp for breakfast. Because they really don't have to be a huge sugar bomb, and all the necessary nutrients can be included. Right now, we have a crisp made with nectarines (both canned and frozen), with homemade granola on top. Previously, I made a blueberry-rhubarb cobbler, which was just ok. It was a low fat recipe, but because of that the topping was unpleasantly dense and chewy. She ate it anyway. Next time: more butter!
Also a hit- fruit salad made with full fat sour cream, vanilla, orange juice, and a smidgen of sugar.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a really good break at the beach.

Your new breakfast plan sounds great. How smart! I will copy you. :)