Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It is rainy today, and cold. Well, it's cold to me, anyway. I started a fire already. Feels like a sweater day.

I will have to be out and about today, with CSA pickup and Girl Scouts tonight.

Coralie had her visit with the Naturopath yesterday. It ran long and I was late for my homeschooling seminar... anyway, it was a good visit. The focus right now is to stabilize her blood sugar, and for me to stop being a permissive dictator, LOL. No, it's just that I tend to start out by punctuating every request with 'okay??' and then eventually end with 'I'm taking that toy away and you're going to bed!' So, I need to work on that.
She has to take a couple of supplements now, so she's learning how to swallow a pill. Truthfully, I have been terrified of this moment. She did ok this morning, only a small amount of drama because she held the capsule in her mouth too long and she got a tast of what was inside, but she was able to swallow it without gagging. It made me think of all the vitamins I had to take when I was a kid because we were vegetarian and poor. Back then there weren't 'kid size' pills. That has left me with a lifelong sensitivity to swallowing large pills, lol.
AND, she went to the bathroom on her own without being told! (Or, rather, argued with) We somewhat jokingly speculated that talking about her bowels with a strange adult must have had her re-evaluate her opposition. Could be a fluke, we'll see.

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