Friday, September 11, 2009

Why Am I Still Up??

I should not be this tired... seems like somethings going on...

I helped out in my son's classroom today. Usually, it's tiring, but bearable. Today, there were 16 kids in that classroom. Lord, I don't know how I stayed upright after that.
Then I went home, dropped off some stuff, then had to walk to get Coralie from school. Then two hours later, I was back at the elementary school for Back to School Night. The only positive there was getting to chat with her teacher, who is so awesome. Then, after we got back, I got KP to bed. Husband came home from work early, but it was kind of meaningless because he pretty much lodged himself in front of the TV (until I told him I smelled something burning in the garage). Coralie insisted on telling me a story at bedtime, so I had to listen to a very long, completely non-linear story about a killer Blue Footed Booby. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I did doze off a little.
Now, I am going to go doze off a lot.

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