Thursday, September 10, 2009

Noooo... Energy...

I crashed really hard this afternoon... I can barely keep my eyes open right now. (And yet I am blogging...) It is likely just a combination of not eating as well as I should, Aunt Flo's impending visit, and the first week of school and all that entails. I am feeling a bit more 'puffy' that usual, which means either I am bloated or my errant eating habits are catching up with me. I'm hoping for bloated. The trainer really kicked my butt at the gym yesterday, to make up for the fact that she's going on vacation for a week and she knows I won't go to the gym if she's not there.

I blanched and dried some green beans today, and froze some whole tomatoes.
Made Beef Burgundy for dinner:
In the enameled cast iron dutch oven that my mother-in-law gave me because she doesn't use it. (Awesome!)

Made zucchini bread:
One for mah freezer, and one for mah belly. In my new stainless loaf pans! Try to warp that, oven! On a side note, I got two new stainless cookie sheets at Crate & Barrel today... I don't normally shop there, but we were getting a wedding gift for a friend, and the price was decent. Now I can stop using my bendy aluminum ones... will probably pass them on to the kids to use for magnets...

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to no energy, too, for similar reasons (but not the gym part... maybe the compost pile filled in for the personal trainer this week...)

Your new loaf pans look groovy.