Sunday, August 23, 2009

So That's What it Feels Like!

I actually had a relatively productive day! Which means, I made a list of things to do, and actually did some of them.

I set my alarm to get up at a reasonable time. (Usually I get up whenever the first kid wanders in) Keelan got up at the same time, had breakfast together (and I remembered to take my hill-o-pulls) and we went to Al's. Got some bamboo stakes, two pots, and a bag-o-dirt. Got coffee, put gas in the Tibby.

Came home, talked to a friend on the phone for a bit. Husband left to take the kids to his parents and run some errands. Had some time before church, so I started working on my lean-to/cold frame for my melons. After church, I re-potted two houseplants, and a Sedge and Coral Bells outside. I knew my Sedge was root bound, but holy moly! It was so tight... when I finally got it out of the planter it was a root mass in exactly the shape of the planter. It was so tight I could stand it up without a pot. So, I had to loosen that up, then discovered that the root mass (even after some trimming) was too big for the pot I was going to put it in. My Coral Bells were in a pot that was bigger than what it needed, so I took it out and put the Sedge in there instead. Poor Sedge, I hope it will be happier now that it can relax!

Went with husband to get a new fish tank for our goldfish, Ned. Ned has outgrown his 20 gallon tank, and our spare 35 gallon tank was broken when we took it out of the crawlspace. So we got a new one, plus 40 lbs of new gravel. Had dinner at McMenamins. Overate.

Hung the plastic over my cold frame lean-to. Had to use a bunch of tape to keep it from blowing off. Tomatoes collapsed their cage, so I had to put a stake in the middle and tie the plants to it. It doesn't look very good, but hopefully the tomatoes won't mind.

Did get my two loads of laundry for the day done, plus changed the bed linens.

So the only thing I missed was cleaning out the top shelf of the fridge. I think I will be able to do that tomorrow though.

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Anonymous said...

"Relatively productive?" I'd say *really* productive.