Friday, August 21, 2009

Energy... Gone...

My son is one of those people who can lay down anywhere and fall asleep almost instantaneously. I feel like that today.

Keelan had a checkup today and a couple of shots. He was a bit sad about that, but cheered by the lollipop they gave him. (Am I the only one who sees the irony in the doctor's office giving out candy???) He's ticking right along, 36 lbs and 41". The pediatrician asked if we were giving him any vitamin D, since he's not drinking cow's milk. His almond milk has it, but we do have a supplement. Overall, he did really well with the Dr.

I cleaned a crab for the first time today. My in-laws went crabbing the other day, and brought us one (cooked, thankfully). I had to look up a video on the internet on how to crack a crab... I must say, it was quite gross. The video showed a small crab, but the one I had was at least twice that size. It looked like something had exploded inside it (or maybe it was roe, dunno)... it looked like barf. :-( At any rate, I was able to get all the meat out and not waste. (Thank you internet!)
I made chowder with it. My son insisted on having his chowder with no crab, so I had to get his serving out before I put it in. Coralie was annoyed that I put the crab in SOUP. I tried to explain that there wasn't enough for us to just eat it. Both kids picked at it and then wanted an extra piece of bread. I said 'nuh-uh, no until you eat that soup'. Well, lo and behold, Coralie really wanted that bread because she did eat it all. Keelan, however, was so bent on not eating the potatoes in the chowder, that he actually managed to pick out all of the corn kernels and drink the broth... leaving the potatoes behind.

For some reason Coralie now has an interest in watching 'Verminators'... 'Mom, I want to watch the show where they get bugs and rats out of peoples houses!'
I am really enjoying using the 'On Demand' thingy... there's all kinds of good free educational programs, and there are less commercials. Not that I necessarily think 'Verminators' is particularly educational, but there are worse things...

Ugh, I really need to do a facial today, my skin is just shot from hormones and stress. I'm too old to be breaking out like this!!

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