Friday, July 24, 2009


The lady who cleans my house each week also gives me organizational help as a sort of side job. She likes to do that sort of thing. So, we worked on the master bedroom today. Threw out a lot of garbage, and paper, and made a nice pile for donation. I could probably sell some of it, but I am too lazy. I really just want the stuff gone. Anyway, I feel so relieved to have made so much progress on this project (and mildly guilty for letting the kids sit in front of the tube all afternoon). Today, I feel a bit lighter. I still have to nag The Husband into cleaning up the pile of crap that has accumulated next to his side of the bed.
And less jumpy, since I didn't drink a whole pot of coffee today. Although, I *wanted* to... I crash pretty hard at precisely 3 pm.
I bought a new packet of carrot seeds today, thinking I was out. I went out and planted two squares in the garden. Then, while cleaning my room, I found my other packet of seeds. *sigh*
The tomato plant is finally actually starting to fruit... I saw a couple tiny tomatoes on it today. I hope my cuttings will get established enough to fruit as well.
Hey, I didn't argue with my daughter today! Bonus!

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