Friday, July 24, 2009


Went to Home Depot to get some more carrot seeds. Not my favorite place to buy seeds, but didn't have time to go to the nursery. It's clear now that my one row isn't going to be enough.
Planted two of my 'square foot garden' squares with carrots. Now, fingers crossed that we'll actually get some carrots before it gets too cold.
Transplanted green beans look sad today. I feel sad for them.
Have a sinking feeling about tomorrow... in the morning I'll be spending a couple of hours with the mom's group hammering out details on a babysitting co-op. Immediately afterward, I will be spending an untold amount of time helping (ie, driving) a friend look for an apartment. As a person who does not really enjoy being busy, I will not get energy from any of this. I expect to be crabby and tired. I also expect to abandon kids to the husband all day, because I will not have much energy for them when I get back. It's ok though, because he is gone so much of the day during the week that I feel he has to make up for lost time anyway. :-D

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